Being a mother, wife, and business owner, I sure do know what it's like to be busy!  That's why I need my wardrobe and accessories to be easy, versatile, and effortless.  How many times do you find yourself, in the morning rush, trying to figure out what to wear?  I love the idea of designing jewelry that gives you more than 1 option.  You pull out your Lily Dilly necklace and are surprised that it goes with yet another outfit.  Even though, you wore it yesterday, you can adjust it in a way that gives you a totally different look.  You leave your house minutes later looking effortlessly put together.  It's the idea that my jewelry could make someone else feel like a million bucks that keeps me going. 

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a designer.  As a little girl, I remember cutting the legs off an old beat up pair of jeans and transforming them into overalls. I thought that was “jean-ious”!  After high school, it was no surprise that I headed straight towards the big apple.  I studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked in Manhattan for almost a decade.  In 2007, I was recruited to Tampa, FL to continue my design career.

I actually didn't discover my passion for jewelry design until 2010, when I was planning my wedding, and decided to make jewelry gift sets for my bridesmaids.  I was surprised at my friends’ excitement, and felt totally inspired to keep experimenting. It wasn't before long that I moved beyond simple beading, to a more unique aspect of the craft, and started to incorporate fabric into my designs. 



When I returned from my honeymoon, I found my mother anxiously waiting and already pushing for grandchildren.  She had a suggestion of what to name our 1st born child, if it was a girl.  She said, "We can call her Lily!".  With my new last name being Dillingham, the baby's nickname would be "Lily Dilly"!  Now, you know I didn't want to do that to my own child, but at the time I was searching for a name to call my jewelry line, thus Lily Dilly Designs really was born.



Lily Dilly Designs is a lifestyle brand, that focuses on giving today's refined woman, vibrant and versatile accessories.  It's my goal to offer jewelry and other accessories that extend your wardrobe and allow you to adapt to any occasion effortlessly.  As an apparel designer by trade, I often use fabrics in my designs, and I challenge myself to be innovative.  I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as as I have enjoyed designing them!